Tuck's Adventures on Meta
Tuck's Adventures on Meta is a remake of a DOS game I made almost 30 years ago.

It is kind of a Metroidvania, you find items which provide access to new areas, or new abilities. There are no enemies, but lots of holes to fall into :)

Tuck is on his way to Vokuhilon to the big snail farm auction. But unfortunately the engine fails and he has to emergency land on Meta. Stranded he now has to find a space ship repair kit (a very rare item!). Help Tuck find his way about and fix up his space ship in time!

Get 'em Good
Get 'em Good is a remake of a C64 game called Get 'em DX. It's a mixture of Pacman, a shooter and strategic extra usage.
Clear every screen of all dots. Be sure to fight back enemies, as they drop nice extras. Pickup 9 of a kind to activate a particular powerup. Once all dots are collected grab the key and unlock the exit!
Careful though, the enemies will get faster and tougher as the stages advance. So you have to be on your toes and be sure to grab enough powerups to keep up with them.

Randomized stages allow for high replayability as no two games are alike! Play alone or team up. Both players play with one score and one pool of lives. The one who activates an powerup is the only one to receive it though.
Iron Willy
Iron Willy is a commercial advertisign game from 1997. It was written for the DVS - Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V. (http://www.die-verbindungs-spezialisten.de via the DVS Media GmbH.

This DOS game is one of my favourite projects and was created with several great gals and guys and lots of love. As a bonus the speech is fully functional! Due to the market back then it's only available in german though.

This packet is available for download with kind permission of the DVS Media GmbH.

The download contains the DOS emulator DOS-Box, to start the game simply double click the batch file "Iron Willy.bat".

The game itself is an adventure in 3 acts, an pure adventure part, a puzzle part with lots of welding and a short action part near the end.

Have fun!
GD Missile Command
An Entry for the 3rd GameDev.Net compo, theme "Missile Command". The game is a plain clone, with funny graphics for a serious theme.

Have fun!
Birdie's Revenge
GameDev.Net has new small compos. For the first, "Arcade", I've unearthed Birdie again and created a small game with boss.

Editor comes with it.

Have fun!
A new one for PC. There was another compo on Gamedev.net, Week of Awesome V.

This ended in a little 3d climb/sneak game named Assassins'r'Us. Sneak and climb, find the hidden door to the chamber of your target and assassinate! And grab a few trinkets while you're at it!

Super Putin Bear Rider
Ok Comrades,

It seems Mother Russia is falling behind in the arcade stakes. So this must be rectified immediately. So I have had a note from a Mr V. Putin saying he needs your input.

Now being Russia they dont want flashy graphics and that ... See Tetris none of that high resolution stuff.

Make Russia great again with such games as Tsar Wars, Hunt for Pink Oktober and such other great games...

Thus the comrades from Retro Remakes let us know, and I followed their call.
My entry, "Super Putin Bear Rider".

26 taxing stages of capitalistic onslaught for your pleasure!
Forbidden City
A little game written for the Gamedev.Net competition, Forbidden City.

Lost in ancient ruins an explorer tries to escape. His only weapon is his trusty oil lamp. Can he escape alive?

Have fun!
Bunny Hop
The poor bunny is sooo hungry. Gather all carrots to feed it!

Every now and then a bunny will have to die to go forward :)

Caution: Contains blood!

Have fun!
Building Blocks
A little game for the Gamedev.net Week of Awesome II competition, Theme "Toys are alive!"

Help the toy kingdom! Guide the tin soldiers to their exits. Several building blocks are at your disposal. 10 stages come with the game, an editor is inside to create more puzzles.
Ludum Dare #30: Cable Guy
30th Ludum Dare: Theme Connected Worlds:

A little action puzzle game. Connect planets with a cable for better interner access. Cables must not be crossed!

Have fun!
Granny Cross
And yet another 50 cassette games compo at Retro Remakes. Create at least 50 crap games. My entry: Granny Cross

At its heart it's a Frogger variant. Granny must reach the other side without getting killed by traffic. I personally never managed to do so. If you do, please be not disappointed. :)
HitBlock Deluxe
A game, which started as remake of the C64 game Crillion. Up to date graphics and sounds make this game an experience on your PC today.

A ball jumps up and down and can be moved to the left and right. Every level has to be cleaned of all color blocks. This works only if the color of the ball and the block match though. Skill and brain power are needed to solve all 200 levels.

If you finished those, you can still find more sets in the online level database ("Levelbase").

And should you be able to finish all of them you can always start up the editor to build your own contraptions.

This version is built upon DirectX 8 and should therefore run on pretty much everything.
LD #23: It's a Tiny World
10th anniversary of Ludum Dare!

A little rogue like. Fight monsters, earn experience, grow stronger to finally beat the mighty beast. Find the proper strategy to fight only weaker enemies, arrange blood puddles with same colors and open random chests!
Present Drop
It's a little simple christmas game for the smaller. Santa brought a few presents to the wrong houses and Rudolph has to sort it out. Land carefully and deliver presents to their rightful owner.

You can't really crash, but lose a lot of reindeers.

Have fun!

LD #20: The This Quest
And Ludum Dare struck again!

This time #20 with the theme "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!"

Not really innovative a little Zelda clone was created. The game is rather short, as consolidation there's an editor and even some enemies.

Xmas Tree
Here's a little present. Not a real game, just a small fun toy. Decorate the tree! Listen to the music! And torch the decoration.
A nice little puzzle game for in between.

Force the laser beams into the target bulbs. Make all bulbs light up. However you only have a limited number of mirrors, doublers and colorizers at your hand.

If you manage to complete all 30 stages there's still the editor to build your own contraptions.

Have fun!
Heavily inspired (aka ripped off) Fez, an interesting game, that is in the works for 4 years now (not by me).

The game spurs an flattened 3d world which can be rotated to find new ways to advance.

Find all diamonds in a stage to activate the teleport. Enter the teleport to get to the next stage.

Rotate the world to advance. Use the action key to read signs, talk to old men,
pickup and put down items, unlock doors (when carrying a key). Be careful not to
fall too far.
GDC7: Growth - A spring prelude
A new 3 hour competition, a new "game". Over at http://www.gamedev.net there are sometimes speed programming contests. 3 hours to finish a game with a given theme!

The theme this time: Puzzle Game and Spring. I actually managed to win this round. Yay!

Grow the plant towards the window. Make sure to use at least 75% of the available plant parts. 5 stages to solve.
Love Shift
A little game inspired by Night Shift.

Earn money in the chocolate heart factory. Maintain the big machine, keep it going and produce the required number of packaged chocolate hearts. Jump back and forth and repair the broken parts which mess up the production.
The Journey
And now for something completely different:

A programming competition over at TIGsource.com. One month's time to assemble a game from provided art, sound and music. You were only allowed to use the provided assets, nothing else.

The result: A little Jump'n'Run with a certain twist ;)

Fight on, enhance your skills and earn knowledge!

Controls are freely choosable, 4 and a half bosses to fight and you better have a strong stomach.

Have fun!
Caverns of Venus
And yet again Ludum Dare: http://www.ludumdare.com. This time: Caverns

Infiltrate the enemy caverns and rescue your fellow agents. Wreak as much havok as possible.
Move with cursor keys, aim with the mouse, press left button to shoot, right button to
drop a grenade (once you picked up some).

As usual the complete source code is included.

Doom Runner
Ludum Dare#14: Doom Runner

And again Ludum Dare. The theme: Advancing Wall of Doom

If you know the movie Running Man, you know the story. You're taking part in a deadly game show. Run for your life, grab prizes and money. Unstoppable behind you is a spike wall. Stop too often and you are done for.

Full source code is included.
Retro Remakes 2008 #1: Parallax Remake
Retro Remakes 2008 #1: Parallax Remake

Finally the 3 months are over. Remake #1 is a Parallax Remake/Sequel.

After a tedious rescue mission on an alien space station (C64) you return to a human station. But nobody answers your calls and you're under fire. Where did everybody go? Find out, fly, run, shoot, read hints and solve all codes.
Retro Remakes 2008 #2: 21st Century Frog
Retro Remakes 2008 #2: 21st Century Frog

Remake #2 is a remake of an old DOS game. This game was created for the category "A game for Helen".

Marty the frog is hungry and needs your help. Click anywhere and Marty jumps there. Catch all flies and eat your way through 10 screen. Some enemies are waiting for you.

The game is layed out for Dwell Clicking; this means you can control it by only moving the mouse.

Tower Collapse: Detonator Part II
Ludum Dare#12: The Tower

And again it's Ludum Dare. The theme this round: Tower. Oh well.

Here's a funny little bomb-the-building game. Place bombs to get rid of an unwanted building. Use sheetings to protect neighbouring buildings from costly damage.

Save money and the later screens are a piece of cake.

Additional Features:
  • Screen Editor
  • Full Sourcecode
  • Flying toilets

Dr. Dobb's Challenge
As Dr. Dobb you have been sucked into a computer and have to help an unknown person to clear up the mysterious bugs.

Control via cursor keys, use the SPACE key to throw an icon or to activate something. There is a final end, so you better get started :)

Weitere Features:<
  • 3 bosses
  • Full Sourcecode

Joe Gunn Dungeon Overture
Joe Gunn just escaped from the collapsing pyramid when he falls into an hidden underground room!

Did Anubis set up a final trap? Can Joe escape again?

Find out in this top down action adventure. Find items, evade traps, defeat the bosses and escape alive!

Control via cursor keys. Space to confirm text dialogs. Control and up to examine something, Control and down to use an item.br>

Additional Features:
  • The interlude after the original story (C64)
  • More than 50 rooms with puzzles and enemies
  • 3 bosses to fight

Chain Reaction: Detonator
To get things going again: My entry to the 48h Game Competition #10 at http://www.ludumdare.com. This years theme: Chain Reaction.
Plan carefully, lay your bombs and start chain reactions. Free diamonds and move balls into their goal area.

Nothing extra ordinary, but comes with editor and 15 stages as well as the full source code.
The Sentinel worked it's way out of the pipeline!
You are caught in a strange world. You can move through several dimensions. These are all guarded by a Sentinel. The Sentinel tries to even the energy level on a landscape. If it wasn't for you to disturb his work.

The rules are simple: If you're above you rule. Caught in your body you have to try to utilise soul transfer and your power to create boxes to work your way upwards.

Hint: Create a box, create a reploid on top and transfer your soul. That's the way up. Absorb as many trees as possible to refuel your energy. Once you're on top replace the Sentinel with a reploid and hyperjump from his former position to advance to one of the next floors!
Retro Remakes 2006: Koronis Rift
It is done! After 3 months of hard labour my Koronis Rift Remake for the Retro Remakes Competition 2006 is completed.
On your way through the galaxy you stumble upon the legendary planet Koronis. This planet was used by the ancient people as experimenting ground for technology. These technological modules are incredibly valuable. And you seem to have found the main resort! At once you let Psytek prepare the rover and beam down onto the radioactive wasteland of Koronis. Too bad that the automatic defense system is still alive and active...

Use your courage and wit, gather as many modules as possible, enhance your rover with them and destroy the defense system!
Bounty Bob rides again
Finally done! Bounty Bob rides again, a remake of the classic Bounty Bob strikes back! Refreshed graphic, new elements and a built in editor add the little something on top!
Color all the platforms, but don't get caught by the mutants! Or one of the numerous obstacles. Or steep falls. Or moving pads. Or suction tubes. Ever tried to be a cannon ball? This game has it all and more!

Additional Features:
  • Editor: Build your own nasty contraptions!
  • Three original level sets: Bounty Bob strikes back, Miner 2049er and Miner 2
  • New elements: New objects to make life easier or harder for you

A big thanks to Frank H. for testing!
Jump and Run/Seek: Halloween

For the upcoming Halloween eve a scary little game!

Collect all candy, break the spells and find the party room!
Yet another mini competition over at Retro Remakes:

Your girlfriend has been kidnapped! Dare to enter the haunted mansion, fight evil monsters and rescue her! A game inspired by the old DOS game "Castle Adventure".

Move with cursor keys, enter commands and solve the riddles!
The Pits
You are a famous barber specialized in arm pits (Hence "The Pits"). Be careful to satisfy your customers. Use enough foam, keep a steady hand and don't hurry while shaving the arm pits.

Your customer will only endure a certain amount of cutting. Keep the hair percentage in your mind and also watch for the endurance meter.

Move the mouse to move the brush or razor, push the left button to use it. Switch it by clicking on the bottom left part of the display bar or use the right mouse button.

You can use Alt-Enter to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode.

The second edition (SE) contains 15 additional tasks, partially in different body regions.
Love Me Do
ASCII Jump and Run: Love Me Do

A funny game which was created in the meantime.

Love Me Do was created for a small ASCII programming contest. It's a jump and run and collect: Find all the new powers to be able to collect all 2000 hearts. For fairness' sake you're able to save the game at certain points.
HitBlock Final
A game, which started as remake of the C64 game Crillion. Up to date graphics and sounds make this game an experience on your PC today.

A ball jumps up and down and can be moved to the left and right. Every level has to be cleaned of all color blocks. This works only if the color of the ball and the block match though. Skill and brain power are needed to solve all 200 levels.

And should you be able to finish all of them you can always start up the editor to build your own contraptions.

This version is fully Vista enabled, which means it runs fine under restricted user accounts and sets itself up in the Game Explorer. It however also still works with Windows 95.
Eggstreme: The big egg race

A fun competition at Retro Remakes with simple topic: Easter!

A avoid and collect game which starts easy as pie but gets pretty tought towards the end!
Retro Remakes 2004: Rootin' Tootin'
A remake written for the Retro Remakes Competition 2004. Imagine a musical themed pacman which lets you fight back!

Clear all the notes without getting caught by the enemies!
16 single player stages, 10 multi player stages and an editor for even more!
This game has been published as a type-in for the C64 in a magazine. The game field is filling up with water and it's up to you to save as much dry area as possible! Build walls to keep the water outside. Once you keep a certain percentage dry you advance to the next level. An additional element: If there are trees you need to keep those dry too. The water doesn't want to stop. Can you stop it?
Aquantor comes with 20 prebuilt levels. With the editor you can build new tricky traps with just a few mouseclicks.
Avoid 'em retro game: Pongo

Yet another mini competition entry

A funny little game as a result from the latest mini competition over at Retro Remakes. Take a made up package shot from a parody of a game review show and make a game from it.

Here comes Pongo! Make your way to the other side avoiding the Pongos. If you do step into one you can clean your shoes on a patch of grass. If you reach the end you are only allowed less than three Pongos.
GDC5 entry: Stars
A new 3 hour competition, a new "game". Over at http://www.gamedev.net there are sometimes speed programming contests. 3 hours to finish a game with a given theme!

I did not reach the top3, oh well. This GDC hat an additional requirement: Display in ASCII.
Destroy asteroids and gather ore to enhance your ship.

Source code and Visual Studio project are included!

GDC3 Entry: Fireman Sam
3h competition 3 over at http://www.gamedev.net. 3 hours to build a game after a topic is revealed. Fireman Sam is my entry, but only received rank 5 of 8. Mostly due to a nasty bug which is resolved in this version.

Rescue all trapped people before time runs out! You have to be able to touch the trapped ones with your upper body. If fire is in your way extinguish it. This forces you to stand still for a while. And right then you could be hit by a falling TV...
Painter: The lost Game

Painter is a remake of a C64 game which was probably featured in the german Computronic magazine. Alas it hasn't been found by the C64 community until now. That's why i wrote this remake; to see, if the game is actually nice to play or if i'm just getting old!
Ketchup Factory
A competition for a good cause: http://www.retroremakes.com had a competition for handicapped people for making a one button game. The game should be control by one and only one button. This requires some interesting concepts for the game idea and the controls.
My entry: Ketchup Factory!
Tomatoes are on the loose! Try to withstand the attacking tomatoes as long as possible! Keep a button pressed to rotate your vegetable laser, release the button to smash the tomatoes. But they're coming in faster and faster. How many can you turn to ketchup? Find out for yourself!
TI em Up
Shooter: TI em Up

Another small game: My entry to a TI mini competition: TI em Up

Requirements: 160x100 size, 4 scales of grey

It's a horizontal shooter, no story needed. Important: Make use of the different weapon systems!
There are four stages with bosses and a tough difficulty!
Silent Hunter
My entry for this years 48h Game Competition at http://www.ludumdare.com. The theme: Light and Darkness.
Your name is not of importance. Your mission is simple:
Top secret data has been separated and hidden in several countries. Break into the buildings and retrieve the secret data. The data is usually kept in a green cabinet. You must not be detected. Go inside unseen and find the cabinet. Once a guard sees something suspicious like a light which doesn't belong or hears a sound he will start the alarm. Once the alarm is on you cannot escape. We will have to deny any knowledge.
As usual for those competition the complete source code comes with the game.
Build a Planet
My entry for the 72 Hour Game Development Competition at Redemption. The topic: Customize.
You're a God. You are in dire need of more power. To gain power you need more worshippers. Worshippers need relicts. Luckily you've got yourself an avatar. Customize the world to your needs and help your hero to collect the relicts in the Caves of Despair. You can change the gravity, wind and light. But these not only affect your hero in his trusty balloon, but also the other inhabitants. With careful little customizations you can succeed!
Sourcecode is included.
My entry to the Ludum Dare 48h programming contest. The topic: Infection.
This game is a little real time strategy game. A body has been attacked by viruses. It's on you to fight back the intruder. Only armed with an antidote you have to revert ill cells and defeat attacking viruses. Simple graphic and funny sounds helped the game to get rank 24 out of 66.
One rule of the contest is to give away the sourcecode.
Magnetic Fields
My entry for the Ludum Dare 24h programming contest. The topic: "indirect control".
Oh no! All your pocket money fell down the sewer! What not?

Just flip out your favourite magnet, tie it on a yarn and try to retrieve all your coins. The coins are attracted by the magnet. Wouldn't it be easy to have common sewers like everybody else...

Can you retrieve all your money?
One rule of the contest is to give away the sourcecode. It's inside the .zip with the binaries.
Heavily inspired by Bubble Bobble this game already went a long way from DOS to Windows.
Clean all the levels (100!) of monsters to advance to the next level. But to do that you have to stun the enemies with your voice first. Tricky constructed stages and different enemy kinds will make your adrenalin flow free! Every five stages you receive a code so you don't need to begin at the very first level every time. The Lord of Darkness awaits you in Level 100...